Bandwidth Management

Getting wider/more internet bandwidth are not necessarily a good solution to achieve high speed internet connection. It will need some network management or in this case bandwidth management to queue all traffic accordingly, so every data packet traveling to and from the internet will go smoothly and will automatically efficiently speed up the internet connection and/or data transfers.

Imagine you are seeing at 4 lanes highway but the vehicles going on those 4 lanes are crossing between lanes with different speed. What would happened next are collisions between vehicles and will caused traffic congestion leading to traffic  jammed. The same problem happened with unmanaged internet/network packet data.

The solution. Just like vehicles on the 4 lanes above who will need lane's divider to prevent any vehicle crossing between lanes, also set certain speed limit that need to be obeyed by all vehicles in all lanes.

The same concept above needed for network traffic. All traffic will need to be managed and queued in proper way, so there will be no packets collisions which usually causes packets re-transmission and wasting precious time, also slowing down the next new packets that need to be delivered and in result high latency from hop to hop. Inefficiency & wasting time cost lots of bandwidth which means losing money.

Efficient bandwidth usage means saving lots of money without sacrificing network performances.